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KAS Workplace

Screening and Diagnostic Assessment

We work within SASC guidance to determine whether an employee has a specific neurodiverse condition e.g, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, etc. A full report is produced, and this can be used to form the basis of a referral for a workplace assessment as well as for future staff development.

Workplace Assessment

A workplace needs assessment is an impartial assessment carried out by a qualified and experienced specialist. The report will identify software solutions as well as any training and/or coaching required. The assessor uses the diagnostic report as the basis of recommendations complemented by the assessor’s observations on how the employee has learned to adapt previously in the work environment. All existing strategies used by the employee would be used to inform the suitability of using the array of multi-sensory hardware and software solutions available. Every report will include a programme of software strategies to ensure that employees receive training pertinent to their need rather than generic features-based training.

Workplace Coaching

Coaching for employees focusses on integrating the programme of software strategies recommended into their working practice. In addition, strategies on efficient working, time management, memory, and organisation.

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