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I really appreciated the work coaching, and one of the aspects of it was to make me feel “normal” in an environment where I was treated differently and under-appreciated. Some of the things that we discussed have had a lasting effect on me and I really miss not having this coaching on-going as I know that I would benefit further from it. I believe that the work coaching has really helped me not reach my potential* (I haven’t finished yet!) but has enabled me to display to better advantage my skills and abilities; and in a way that was accessible for my colleagues and managers. – Sara, DEFRA

Patrick is not a conventional tutor, as a legal professional with dyslexia who was paired to work with Patrick I received constant support. He loves to get involved in the knowledge-building process and learn alongside his students, for example, he’d ask me to demonstrate how I intended to deliver a presentation by running through slides with him. Patrick’s support for me over the period of 7-8 months was life changing. He is patient, kind and takes time to understand the needs of each student. Would recommend. – Priscilla, FOS